I have a passion for the countless options offered by various materials. 

handmade oil lamp
coloboration with foundation faro

about me

In 2015 I finished my Matura with a focus on "visual design" and "biochemistry". Afterwards, I was able to further my education through the foundation course in art and design at the HSLU and live out my creativity for one year. 


Since 2016 I have been studying industrial design at the HGK FHNW Basel. At the moment I am about to finish my bachelor's degree. 


During a year as an intern at Vetica Group AG in Lucerne, I have expanded my knowledge and skills enormously and was able to learn a lot by working directly on projects. 

For me, "design" is a process of over-the-horizon thinking, tinkering, experimenting and inventing. It is about breaking with conventions and to find and create new solutions. 

It is a passion to put the ideas from my head on paper and turn them into plans, concepts and finally into objects. 

I work with different materials and like to explore their qualities. At the same time, I work out my ideas by sketching and checking them with CAD and visualizations.