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Thema-       thema

culinary sound event designed by the collective

For four months, I joined with Stephan Jäger, Luca Hartmann, Eva Jordà Chordà, Géraldine Heller, Reto Zeltner, Johanna Dobrusskin, and Ivo Schläpfer to form a design collective, called Thema-thema.


Our goal was to take unconventional paths, try out new things, get to know different methods of concept development and generate creative experiences. We also wanted to find out what it is like to work together in a group of friends.


Apart from designing and implementing our machines, the discourse was the most important part of our common work. As the most diverse opinions came together, long, intensive discussions began, which we held until everyone was satisfied with the solution. The name

"Thema-thema" is symbolic of this, because finding a common theme was one of our most difficult tasks.


The result is a set of five

bicycle-driven machines, which all together form a taste and sound experience, called the Thema-thema day. The chuchichästli-, the aperitif- and the beverage- machines are driven by the visitors, make music and provide for the culinary well-being. The film projector and the movable poster wall give the visitors an insight into our work and our manifesto.


The photos and sketches are by diverse members of the collective. The video was edited by Luca Hartmann.

December 2019

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